Kashmir Tours Are Forever

A quaint retreat crowned by lofty peaks of Himalayas, Kashmir is the name of spell-bounding beauty and tranquilizing effect of Mother Nature. Laurelled with adjectives such as “The Paradise on Earth”, “India’s Alps” and more, Kashmir is blessed with heavenly beauty. Tours to Kashmir brings a whimsical world alive that of, mist clad valleys, highest and most rugged landscapes, scintillating lakes, a scene filled with aroma of fresh apple orchards and tranquilizing greenery around. To some Kashmir tours are about spending a romantic time with that special one while for others it means a way to unite with the almighty. Two of the main themes of Kashmir travels is the romantic journeys and the pilgrimage routes opted by innumerable visitors each year. Cheapest kashmir tour packages

Romantic Rendezvous in the Valley: Wake up to the chirping of birds, get pampered by cool mountainous breeze and an enchanting panorama surrounds you here at this beauteous valley of flowers. The lush greenery of the valley is coupled with vibrant colours of apple orchards and exotic flowers all of this creates a spectacular scenery together that has the quality of arousing creative genes of many. The gorgeous Kashmir valley looks divine when traversed on a shikara (traditional houseboat). Ideal for a romantic rendezvous a shikara glides slowly on the crystal clear waters of the lakes. The wide open sky, emerald hues as the perfect backdrop, boats passing by selling exotic flowers and the company of your beloved the setting is ideal for honeymoon couples. Thus a must for couples, a shikara ride reminiscent of gondola ride in Venice is included in all the Kashmir tour packages. Ranging in different size and shapes these shikaras and small cruises are ideal for spending private time in incredibly beautiful Kashmir.

Pilgrimage Tour in Kashmir: Apart from being a honeymooner’s paradise, Kashmir is also a regarded as a spiritual centre for the Hindu devotees. Home to numerous revered holy shrines, the region is known as the seat of gods. Situated in Kashmir, the caves of Amarnath are one of the most famous pilgrimage sites of Hindus and are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The caves are considered to be 5000 years old and house an ice Lingam which is formulated during the months of May to August. This is the time when people set on a painstaking journey to reach the place slot server thailand terpercaya to be able to see the sacred Lingam embodying God Shiva.

Several fortunate devotees set on Kashmir tour to pay Slot Bonus New Member 100 ultimate penance and be able to see the holy mountain- Mount Kailash. Considered a sacred place by five religions of the world, Mount Kailash has never been climbed and thus is an important mountain in the world. Vaishno Devi is another very sacred pilgrimage site of Hindus which is a Shakti shrine dedicated to Goddess Vaishno. Hindu pilgrims visit Vaishno Devi from around the world to cleanse their soul of all follies. Situated on the hill top of Trikuta Hills of Shivalik Ranges, reaching the temple is a difficult trek that pilgrims cover while chanting the name of Goddess Vaishno. Hundreds of devotees marching towards the shrine, chanting the name of the goddess and covering the undulated terrain of the verdant hills, the scene is incredibly inspiring.


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