Who is SBOBET & Indonesian SBOBET88 Agent

SBOBET was originally a company that focused on providing online soccer gambling & soccer betting markets. SBOBET has two official representative offices, has official licenses from the governments of the Philippines (Asia) and the Isle of Man (Europe). In this field alone, the types of markets are varied because they are not limited to just football.

The SBOBET agentĀ https://pikuuu.com/ has been officially present in Indonesia since 2000 and is the first online sports betting site in Indonesia. Specifically for the soccer betting market, members can place live or virtual soccer bets. Over time, SBOBET agents continue to expand. No longer just soccer betting, SBOBET also offers online betting markets for other popular sports around the world. No longer sports, now SBOBET users can enjoy other online gambling such as online slots, arcades, online live casinos and racing gambling. As time goes by, SBOBET now provides a betting market for e-sports games, to target millennials.

Apart from being the most complete online soccer betting agent, SBOBET Indonesia agents really respect each of their users and always prioritize member satisfaction by providing a soccer betting site that can be accessed quickly, the market is very interesting to play, and you can play at any time even before the match starts. . It is natural that SBOBET was awarded as the winner of the Asian Operator of the Year in 2009 and 2010.

The validation and reputation of the SBOBET company cannot be doubted. Starting from the aspect of them handling cases related to match results, handling complaints from members, or other problems that arise, they are also very professional. If there is a problem in the game, SBOBET provides a feature where you can contact the company directly.

Types of Online Gambling Games at SBOBET
1. Sports Betting / Sportbook
Live Football Betting
Virtual Football Betting
Basketball Gambling
Online E-Sports Betting
Table Tennis Gambling
Ice Hockey Gambling
Tennis Gambling
Volleyball Betting
Darts Betting
Golf Gambling
Round Football Betting
Rugby Gambling
Badminton Gambling
Bicycle Racing Betting
Boxing Betting
Handball Gambling
Motorbike / Moto GP Racing Gambling
Water polo
Winter Sports

2. Online Slots
Online slots are a game of combinations of symbols where after the player places the symbols they will move randomly and then stop by themselves after a certain period of time. If the combination of symbols matches or aligns according to the type of slot game itself, you will win according to the bet percentage. The winning percentage list has also been determined by the game and can be seen before playing. Please note that the percentage in question can reach 2700% (two thousand seven hundred percent) of the pair and the percentage value is different for each online slot game choice. If the combination result is random and does not fall into the category specified by the game, then you can try it again on the next pair.

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